We are answerable for what we sell. In the event that you are not totally happy with your buy, we offer a free and simple No Questions Asked Exchange Policy *

Trade of the things bought from Shoppers Stop, will be permitted inside 14 days from the date of conveyance, given the product is in its unique and saleable condition with unique receipt.

We don't return or trade Gift Vouchers, Gift Cards, Undergarments, Altered Garments, Furniture, First Citizen Card, Dry Fruits for cleanliness and different reasons.

Trades of Fine Jewelry, Gold Jewelry, Gold Coins, Cosmetics and Perfumes, Sunglasses, Maxit Products, Electronic Products and Watches and composing instruments, will be expanded just if the product is returned in unique and fixed pack condition.

In the improbable occasion that any product you have requested from us isn't gotten in acceptable condition, is harmed or damaged, or if stock conveyed is not the same as what you had expected, you may restore the product unused, in its unique bundling and labels. Any blemished product, can be featured inside the guarantee time frame as determined for the thing.

Any trade or returns for reasons other than the abovementioned, the delivery charges assuming any, won't be discounted.

Product purchased during deal will be traded inside a similar deal period in particular.

You may restore Merchandise to us in the accompanying manners:

Most things are returnable in our stores, You may visit any Shoppers Stop store in India, and return the product in unused condition, alongside the first deal receipt, or

You may raise return/trade (Registered client) by login into your Shoppers Stop online record from "My Account > Order > Return/Exchanges" or

You may keep in touch with us and demand a return or trade. We will orchestrate the product to be gathered from the conveyance address through dispatch inside 2 working days from the date of Return/Exchange demand raised.

When the item is picked and arrives at our area inside likely 5-7 working days, we play out a quality beware of the items inside 2 working days and cycle Return/Exchange post quality check gave the product is unused condition and in its unique bundling alongside unique labels and receipt, bombing which Return/Exchange may not be conceivable.

For any product that is returned or self-couriered by client, Return/Exchange will be handled inside 2 working long stretches of receipt of the product post quality check and subject to confirmation of the buy and state of product.

Any profits/trades at Shoppers Stop stores, or through messenger, must be joined by the first deal receipt, which is sent alongside the items. We won't have the option to acknowledge returns which are not joined by the pertinent unique deals receipt.

Prior to tolerating conveyance of any product, kindly guarantee, that the bundling has not been harmed or altered. On the off chance that you accept that the product isn't in acceptable condition, or if the bundling is messed with or harmed, before tolerating conveyance of the merchandise, if you don't mind won't take conveyance of the bundle, and keep in touch with us at, referencing your request reference number. We will put forth our best attempts to guarantee that a substitution conveyance is made to you at the soonest.

Any First Citizen focuses which are amassed at the hour of procurement will be switched if such product, on which focuses were acquired, is returned.

Returns/Exchange at Shoppers Stop stores:

Trade/Return office is incidentally inaccessible at stores because of security concerns encompassing COVID-19 limitations. The equivalent will be accessible once the circumstance has returned to typical.

On the off chance that you return any product bought on at any Shoppers Stop store, you will be given a Shoppers Stop credit note against receipt of the product, which might be reclaimed against any acquisition of an equal sum from any Shoppers Stop store inside a half year.

Customers Stop Store Credit note will be given dependent on the Net Invoice estimation of the item. If there should arise an occurrence of any ecoupon applied in the request, credit note of the net worth will be given.

It would be ideal if you note that the first Shoppers Stop credit note must be created while recovering against any buys. We will not be capable in the occasion the first credit note is lost or decimated.

The Shoppers Stop credit note must be utilized to pay for buys at Shoppers Stop stores, and can't be recovered against buys made on

The issue of the Shoppers Stop credit note, to the individual restoring the product, against the returned stock will be adequate release to Shoppers Stop for the arrival of the product, whether or not the installment for the first buy was made with Visa, e-blessing voucher, First Citizen focuses, or through some other methods.

Returns/Exchange Through messenger assortment

You can keep on raising Exchange/Return reuest for all qualified online requests anyway the get of the item(s) through dispatch will be postponed because of COVID-19 limitations. A similar will be accessible once the circumstance has returned to ordinary.

In the event that you demand a return/trade through messenger assortment, at the hour of gathering the product, you will be given a dispatch Airway Bill, which is to be held for future reference. Kindly additionally keep a duplicate of the business receipt for future reference, before giving over the return product and unique deals receipt to the dispatch. We will send the first receipt back to you through messenger, subsequent to preparing your return/trade demand.

Trades through messenger assortment will just be done, for things with the very same cost as the thing being returned. If you don't mind demonstrate unmistakably the substitution thing mentioned and our Customer Care Associate will check and affirm if the thing is accessible in stock and whether the trade can be made.

Any discount against a return demand made to client care, and gathered by messenger from the conveyance address where the thing was initially conveyed, will be prepared endless supply of the product in unused condition, alongside the first deals receipt.

After the product is gotten by, and subject to confirmation of the buy and state of product we will handle a discount/trade inside 5 working long periods of receipt of the product.

Discounts of installments charged to the Cardholder's Mastercard might be attributed back to the Cardholder's Mastercard account, which was utilized to pay for the first request. If you don't mind note that we will not be liable for any postponements in credit to the Cardholder's Mastercard account as that is overseen by the Cardholder's responsible bank. On account of nationalized banks, a postponement can be required for the discount to be obvious in the record.

Discounts of installments made by means of Cash on Delivery will be finished by online exchanges. An email structure will be shipped off the client mentioning to enter financial balance subtleties.

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