Shipping Policy

Described below are the webpage wide delivery strategies of which apply to all deals and buys made on the site. These strategies are pertinent notwithstanding the shop level approaches as picked by you, noticeable on the item depiction page.

The merchant needs to transport every one of his requests through offers fixed transportation rates. Pick a size of the bundle and get transporting mark on your enrolled email ID.

1. Transportation charge will be determined on the bases of volumetric weight (L*B*H cm/5000) or genuine weight, whichever is higher.

2. charges fixed class weight for 90% of our classifications, determined by industry norms. Venders can discover the weight to be charged for different item classes by choosing any classification in the 'Include Products' page of the dealer board. The weight learned for every classification and the charges due will reflect in the transportation segment of the 'Include Products' page the web and application merchant board.

3. For the staying 10% classifications, you will be charged by the real weight of the item which you yourself should enter. The higher of the two qualities, eadweight/volumetric versus real weight will be appropriate for this situation.

4. On the off chance that item weight isn't input accurately, genuine load according to Courier Company will be utilized for ascertaining the cargo rate. Dealers will be invoiced for the differential in cargo rate and it will likewise be utilized as a boundary to minimize their merchant rating.

5. A vender would need to send the request through by following all the essential advances :

a. Acknowledgment of request inside 48 hours

b. Making shipment for every thing through by tapping on 'Boat through'. Merchant needs to guarantee that when he Clicks on 'Boat through', he prepares the bundle as his shipment will be gotten by messenger organizations inside 12-24 hours of this activity taken on the vender board and application.

c. If there should arise an occurrence of shipments that are dropped post acknowledgment, because of dealers powerlessness to hand over shipments during pickup, commission according to classification is being charged freethinker of the commission plan the vender is on) + GST would be relevant.

d. Producing Pickup and printing all the delivery archives (Invoice, dispatching name, show)

e. Effective handover of bundle to the dispatch organization